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I am Farting Duck, The Mighty Passing Wind, Le Fromage Grand, El Fumar Guapo.

Story of the name:

One night I Googled "Urban Myth" I don't really remember why. One of the results that caught my eye was "A duck's quack has no echo" a few results later was "Messages from Uranus". An instinctual grin struck and I thought to myself "..Butt, of course!"

It makes me laugh, that's why I do it, and I know it makes others laugh, or at the very least smile. I can tell even over the phone. Don't believe me? next time someone asks for your email address, tell them (yourname)@FartingDuck.com ( I may consider making mailboxes available in future, depending on demand)

Farting Duck Wear was an obvious next step, for obvious comedic reasons.


Your donations are always welcome to help keep Farting Duck online.

You may also consider donating to my legal defense fund, or just to help feed the dogs. Of course my preferred choice would be that you buy something from my shop(s) but your donations are always welcome and appreciated.


Thanks for visiting,

Jaz ~Annis'nabe Kishquay Dog < ME > Kaspar ~ ShepXrotti

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